Vegas with a child? Of course!

One of the funny things about Las Vegas is most people auto equate it as a destination exclusively for adults. Casinos, prostitution and many other adult-minded activities come top of mind when people think of Vegas. I did a bit of research about LV before planning our trip. I just KNEW there had to be child-friendly places there. After all, children are pretty much everywhere, aren’t they?

I came across a blog that a family wrote and it included a few places that caught my eye and it provided all the confidence I needed to know that Vegas was in the cards (pun intended!) for us. I don’t think we ended up going to any of the places they listed but we had a BLAST!!! 

So, here’s the deal- we stayed at an AirBnb about 10 minutes from the Strip.

Transportation– Frontier $55 RT (non-stop) and a rental car
Accommodations– AirBnb (1st night at La Quinta Las Vegas Airport South)

This trip was unique because it was JAM PACKED with things to do. Below are places we ate and visited.

We Ate:

  • the Sugar Factory– good food, pricey, of course, but live a little, if you can! We have dined at the Sugar Factory before (in ATL) and order the non-alcoholic drinks that come in a huge glass over dry ice. Great for children.
  • Modern Vegan– The food was soooo good we went there twice. 
  • Sweets Raku– Nice, quaint dessert shop that is super clean and meticulous in their display. I wouldn’t recommend for a large family, and if your children aren’t well behaved, I’d pass.
  • Go Vegan Café– The food and service was awesome. (Sadly, I believe they closed, but are trying to reopen elsewhere.)
  • Fresco Italiano (at Westgate Las Vegas)- The food and service was good.
  • POTs– The food and service was great.  The owner is AMAZING! I recognized her from something I read online and was able to converse with her. 
  • Morimoto (at the MGM Grand)- Underwhelmed with the food, especially for the price. The service was good, however, this was NOT hibachi like I was expecting.
  • Simply Pure (at Container Park)- Great food and service. This is a cozy restaurant that serves up good, clean food. The pricing is affordable, too. All vegan.
  • Black and Blue Diner– I was happy to go here and try their vegan menu. We all enjoyed our meal. Though, I wasn’t fond of the scrambled ‘eggs’ but everything else was good. 
  • Hell’s Kitchen (at Caesars Palace)- What can I say??!! I couldn’t wait to finally make it here. I used to watch the show all the time. The food was wonderful, the service was great, and it was worth the price. We enjoyed ourselves.

We Visited (those listed in italics were at no charge):

  • SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium (Check Groupon.)- Some of the attractions/exhibits were unavailable due to Covid, but we still enjoyed the place. The tickets that I purchased allowed us to feed some of the fish. 
  • Ethel M’s Chocolate factory tour– This was a wonderful visit. We sat through an informative class, which included tasting different types of chocolate and afterwards, we visited the factory and shopped. They also have a beautiful cactus garden on the premises which you can visit.
  • Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum (Look online for a promo code. We used 2210 and tickets were only $19.99/ticket! That was the best price I found- better than Groupon.)- We had a great time. Well worth the money. So many celebrities to snap pics with/of.
  • Mega Mart– This was an attraction that was temporary.- What a quirky, cool, fun place. Step into a new dimension with many facets. We enjoyed the endless rooms and bought souvenirs.
  • Discovery Children’s Museum (Check Groupon.)- Due to Covid, some attractions were not available, but my daughter enjoyed those that were available. I believe it was four floors to the museum. 
  • Battle Blast (laser tag)- we had a blast! We met a few people who go every week and teamed up with them. 
  • AdventureDome (at Circus Circus)- a great indoor amusement park. Fun for all ages.
  • Las Vegas Sign (of course!)– you have to stop by there, at least once.
  • Container Park– A nice little area with stores and restaurants made of shipping containers. We didn’t tour the entire place, just the places we went there for. Very close to the Fremont Street Experience. 
  • Volcano (at the Mirage)- This is a nice show. Arrive a few minutes before the show to get a good view. It lasted longer than I thought it would.  
  • Botanical Gardens (at the Bellagio)- The Bellagio goes all out with their botanical gardens. The display was utterly beautiful. Depending on when you go, there may be a line. 
  • Fountain Show (at the Bellagio)- This is an experience I think everyone should have at least once. The first song lasted only a few minutes, so that was surprising. The show is beautiful, though, and the water dances nicely to each song. 
  • Flamingo Wildlife Habitat (at the Flamingo Hotel)- The little girl loves flamingoes, so this was a nice treat for her. They were a few white flamingoes in the mix.  
  • Lake of Dreams (at the Wynn Las Vegas) (Nightly; dusk to 11:30pm. This special likely changes.)- This was a nice performance on an area that is outside with an area of water. The backdrop is waterfalls. The show lasted about 20-25 minutes but it was cute and something to do. Arrive early with the kiddos so you can get a close spot on the veranda. 

Didn’t Get to Visit:

  • Gondola Rides (at the Venetian)- There were reviews that mentioned that due to COVID the gondola people aren’t able to sing.
  • Jumpers Jungle– FREE for adults. For parents with more than one child, I think there’s a BOGO on Tuesdays.
  • Mini Grand Prix go carting 

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